Science Education

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The world urgently needs people who are well-trained in science and technology, and the Abbott Fund is committed to doing its part to address this challenge. Serving as a catalyst by stimulating community investment and engagement, Abbott’s investment in science education:
  • Engages and inspires students, families and teachers in scientific exploration in out-of-school informal settings
  • Encourages young people to be more proficient in science and attracts more scientists to the field
  • Builds strong partnerships that are systemic, replicable and sustainable for multiple years and multiple locations

  • Family Science

    Family Science

    Making Science Fun for the Whole Family

    Abbott’s Family Science program brings kids, their parents and teachers together with some of our best scientists for fun, exciting evenings filled with experiments and hands-on lessons in the principles of scientific discovery and technological innovation.

  • Operation Discovery

    Operation Discovery

    Bringing Middle Schoolers to Abbott

    Abbott’s Operation Discovery program brings middle school students and teachers into our laboratories to experience our company’s passion for science and discovery firsthand. More than 3,700-middle school students have participated to date.

  • Community Water Conservation

    Community Water Conservation

    Helping Families and Businesses Save Precious Water Resources

    Abbott scientists visit schools in Casa Grande, Arizona, to teach the science, mechanics and economics of water conservation, a subject of vital importance to water-stressed communities like Casa Grande that must make the most of every drop.

  • Alternative Energy

    Alternative Energy

    Advancing Education About New Energy Sources

    Middle and high school students in Sturgis, Michigan, are learning about the science and economics of alternative energy, thanks to a pioneering program developed by the Abbott Fund in conjunction with the Sturgis schools.

  • After School Matters

    After School Matters

    Enhancing Science Education

    Working with After School Matters, we’ve devised an innovative program to bring science into the classrooms of some of the most underserved high school students in Chicago.

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