Asian Women's University

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Inspiring Lives, Educating Leaders in Asia

The Asian University for Women, with support from Abbott and the Abbott Fund, offers a rigorous liberal arts college education to promising young women from Asia, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Vietnam and more. “Two years ago, I was a cook for my family,” says one of the students. “Now, I am a daughter to my whole country."

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   at AWS.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageDisplay.get_ImageUrl() Emerging markets urgently need educated, courageous young women to lead cultural, political and economic change in their home countries. The Asian University for Women (AUW), founded in Bangladesh in 2008, is working to fill that need, providing 420 of Asia's most academically gifted young women with the leadership skills that will help them guide their countries into the future. The Abbott Fund is proud to partner with AUW to enhance the university's science curriculum, providing expertise and ensuring that science is integral to every student's academic experience. A $560,000 three-year grant provides for visiting professors, laboratory equipment and materials, plus ten Abbott Fund science scholarships. In addition, students are exposed to real-life science through visits from top Abbott scientists, who serve as mentors, role models and guides to the outstanding career opportunities available to AUW science graduates.


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