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Enhancing Science Education

After School Matters participants
Working with After School Matters, we’ve devised an innovative program to bring science into the classrooms of some of the most underserved high school students in Chicago, with hands-on lab work, seminars with top Abbott scientists and day-long visits to our lab facilities.

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   at AWS.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageDisplay.get_ImageUrl() Our partnership with After School Matters, one of America’s leading after-school initiatives, is enhancing science education in Chicago. We worked with After School Matters to design and launch science37, which nurtures students’ intellectual curiosity, helps them explore careers in science and connects them with Chicago's growing science sectors. Key components of select science37 programs include hands-on lab work, seminars with Abbott scientists, day-long visits to Abbott’s molecular biology facilities and paid internships. Since the program started, After School Matters is providing more than 3,000 teen opportunities in the science37 content area throughout the city of Chicago.
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