Public-Private Partnership for Health Care in Tanzania

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Mentoring for Health Care in Tanzania

Three dedicated Abbott Ireland employees traveled to Tanzania, in East Africa, to help improve quality of care and learn new skills. Some background: in 2011, the Abbott Fund completed a $10 million modernization project — building new laboratories at 23 regional-level hospitals across Tanzania. Today, Abbott and the Abbott Fund continue to support these modernized laboratories with donations of medical supplies, grants, and ongoing training with specialized Abbott employees from around the world. In this video, Abbott employees Will Phiri, Claire Gibbons, and Eimear McGlade explain why they welcomed the opportunity to provide mentoring in laboratory management at the rebuilt facilities — and how they are helping to build a sustainable modern health system in Tanzania.

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   at AWS.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageDisplay.get_ImageUrl() In 2001, Abbott, the Abbott Fund and the Government of Tanzania formed a public-private partnership to strengthen the country's health care system and address critical areas of need. To date, the Abbott Fund has invested more than $100 million in this more than 10-year partnership effort, and Abbott has made more than $5 million in corporate donations.

The Abbott Fund has been working to comprehensively modernize Muhimbili National Hospital. Key improvements include: a new emergency-medicine department that served 120,000 patients in its first three years of operations; a new outpatient treatment center that serves hundreds of patients per day; a modernized hospital laboratory building; a hospital-wide IT system that tracks inventory, prescriptions and patient health history; and training for hospital managers and health care workers.

In 2011, the Abbott Fund completed a $10 million regional laboratory modernization project by building new laboratories at 23 regional-level hospitals nationwide. This national program is improving diagnostics and monitoring services across the country. Specialized Abbott employee volunteers provide mentoring in laboratory management.

The Abbott Fund has supported more than 20,000 health care worker trainings in HIV care and treatment, voluntary counseling and testing, laboratory equipment operation, hospital information technology and hospital management.

Results include significantly increasing access to HIV testing, care and treatment. A 2007 assessment by the government found that nearly one in three people undergoing HIV treatment in Tanzania were receiving care at one of the more than 90 sites around the country that have benefited from Abbott Fund support. Abbott also donated 1 million rapid HIV tests to launch Tanzania’s national HIV testing campaign. The Abbott Fund has also partnered with the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative to build a pediatric AIDS Center of Excellence in Tanzania. The new center will train local health care workers and expand access to pediatric HIV/AIDS care and treatment across the country.
Results Sources: Government of Tanzania and the Abbott Fund
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