Cambodia Nutrition Project

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Learning Healthy Nutrition Practices

Cambodia's years of civil war and unrest have created remarkably high rates of childhood malnutrition and maternal mortality. We're helping to address the problem through a pioneering program at the Angkor Hospital for Children, a teaching hospital in Siem Reap, where mothers and health care workers learn good nutrition practices, including how to cook healthy family meals.

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The program trains local health care workers, as well as families, in preparing nutritionally sound locally grown foods. We’ve contributed more than $700,000 toward staff and educational training; provided food rations and equipment for treating hospitalized children; and donated more than $1 million in nutritional and pharmaceutical products. With the assistance of Cambodia’s Ministry of Health, we’ve also trained more than 1,200 government health care workers and nursing students from across the country, who subsequently treated more than 125,000 children suffering from severe malnutrition.
Results Sources: Direct Relief and Angkor Hospital for Children
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