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Abbott Family Science in China

In over 30 cities in China, Abbott volunteers gather children and their parents for fun, hands-on science experiments that demonstrate the basics of discovery, observation and the scientific method. Children learn such fundamental skills as problem-solving and teamwork and experience the excitement of science and engineering pursuits.

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   at AWS.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageDisplay.get_ImageUrl() One of our major programs to interest children in science and inspire them to pursue scientific careers is Abbott Family Science, which actively engages primary school students and their families in learning about science and innovation through experiments and related activities led by Abbott scientists and engineers. We bring together children aged six to ten, along with parents and teachers, for evenings packed with exciting, hands-on experiments in fundamental science and engineering. Family Science events have been in China, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, South Korea and the U.K., as well as California, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia and Puerto Rico. Evaluations of the programs show that children were more than twice as willing to do science activities at home after attending, and that 95 percent of the families placed high value on interacting with Abbott scientists and engineers.

The Abbott Fund's Science Education program has received the following awards and recognition including:

- 2013, Abbott Ireland received a “Highly Commended” recognition for its efforts to advance science and engineering at the inaugural CSR Europe awards, established by the European Commission and run by CSR Europe.

- 2012 Top 10 CSR Case Awards by China Philanthropy Times and Beijing Normal University.

- 2011 Asia Corporate Social Responsibility Award for programs in China, Singapore and South Korea.

- 2011 European Employee Volunteering Awards for programs in Ireland.

- In 2011, the program resulted an invitation to the Abbott Fund for congressional testimony to the Subcommittee of Research and Science Education delivered by an Abbott scientist in Santa Clara.
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