Museum of Science and
Industry, Chicago

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The Museum of Science and Industry, among the world’s largest science museums, is aimed at inspiring and motivating children to achieve their full potential in science, technology, engineering and medicine. Located in the former Palace of Fine Arts from the city’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, it houses such diverse and exciting exhibits as a working coal mine, a German submarine captured during World War II, a 3,500-square-foot model railroad, the first diesel-powered streamlined stainless-steel passenger train and a NASA spacecraft used on the Apollo 8 mission.

Among its many community outreach programs, the Museum of Science and Industry develops free classroom activities and resources for local schools, invites school classes to visit and participate in live science experiments, offers after-school science clubs, youth development programs and museum sleepovers and offers students the opportunity to meet and interact with science professionals and other special guests.

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Chicago, Illinois

United States


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