HealthReach Clinic
of Lake County, Illinois

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HealthReach is in its 21st year of serving medically uninsured, low-income residents of Lake County, Illinois, with free clinics in Waukegan and Mundelein and a licensed pharmacy in North Chicago. HealthReach is committed to improving these residents’ physical health by providing access to quality medical care regardless of age, race or origin. Among Lake County’s 750,000 residents, 92,879 are medically uninsured and another 157,000 are underinsured. HealthReach receives over 20,000 patient visits annually and fills nearly 30,000 prescriptions.

HealthReach’s volunteer physicians, dentists, optometrists and medical/pharmaceutical professionals provide more than 3,500 hours of service to patients annually in conjunction with the agency’s 15 full-time and 14 part-time staff.

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Waukegan, Illinois


United States – Lake County



Dedicated to improving and maintaining the health and well-being of medically underserved individuals and families of Lake County, Illinois.


  • Expanding Access to Quality Health Care

    Free Health Clinics in Illinois

    Expanding Access to Quality Health Care
    Although Lake County, Illinois, is one of America’s wealthiest, more than 30 percent of its population – some 249,879 people – are underinsured or have no health insurance. Fortunately, they can depend on HealthReach, a not-for-profit organization that operates the county’s only free health clinics.

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