Abbott Fund:
Fighting Childhood Malnutrition In Haiti
To address the nation’s high rates of child malnutrition, the Abbott Fund joined Partners In Health (PIH) in an effort to locally produce a nutritious, peanut-based food that will improve the health of Haiti's children.
Abbott Fund:
Inspiring a New Generation of Scientists
Abbott scientists lead hands-on experiments with teachers to impart basic science skills to kids and their parents at elementary schools, community centers and museums in eight countries.
Abbott Fund:
Health Systems Strengthening in Tanzania
Tanzania is one of the African nations hit hardest by the HIV/AIDS crisis. Our partnership with the Tanzanian government is modernizing Tanzania’s fragile public health system.
Abbott Fund:
Tackling Afghanistan's High Maternal Mortality Rate
Sakena Yacoobi, an advocate for women’s rights, partnered with the Abbott Fund and Direct Relief International to fight the country’s high maternal mortality rate, which is one of the highest in the world.
Abbott Fund:
Educating Families In China About Nutrition
Through training of physicians, this effort – born out of a partnership between the Abbott Fund and Project HOPE – aims to reduce the high incidence of childhood malnutrition in China and Vietnam.

Abbott and its philanthropic foundation, the Abbott Fund, support a diverse range of projects around the globe – projects where financial support from the Abbott Fund, together with Abbott's people, products and expertise, can make a difference. From introducing young people to the wonders of science to assisting the visionary Sakena Yacoobi in improving women's health care in Afghanistan, we actively seek out and support innovation in a wide variety of dynamic projects.

Our partners encompass the best in humanitarian organizations, and the results are compelling. Abbott and the Abbott Fund welcome the opportunity to change lives.

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